A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
When Essays Attack

When Essays Attack

We want a divorce (from the literary world)

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Today in hell, the girls/women find themselves divided by a much-discussed personal essay in The Cut about divorce or near-divorce (or the dream of divorce?) 

Meghan stands up for creative license (even when suspended), while Sarah sips on some haterade. In moments, the girlxs’ differencex seem irreconcialable, but they eventually decide to stay together for the sake of the kids (aka paying subscribers). 

Plus: Meghan attends the premiere of film version The Coddling of The American Mind in a packed and anti-fragile theater in Beverly Hills.  

Relevant Links

The Lure of Divorce” by Emily Gould from The Cut.

The Coddling of The American Mind Movie.

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