A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
The Grift That Keeps On Giving

The Grift That Keeps On Giving

Crypto Crashes, Twitter Bombshells and Sarah's Anti-Birth Control Zealotry

This week, Meghan and Sarah revisit their conversation from the previous episode about hormonal birth control. Is Sarah an anti-birth control zealot secretly advocating for legislation to ban all contraception? Is Meghan too forgiving of men who hate condoms?

They then move onto late breaking Twitter news (now known as “old news”). As they recorded, Matt Taibbi’s bombshell thread about political bias and content suppression at Twitter was unspooling in real time. Can they make sense of it? (Mostly.) Do they care? (Yes!) After that, Meghan talks about the recent article in Semafor about the novelist Junot Diaz, whose life and career were upended after sexual misconduct allegations that, as it turns out., appear far less serious than previously reported. Finally, they discuss someone who deserves his disgrace, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, and wonder how he could have fooled so many, so well.

In the bonus edition for paying subscribers: The ladies discuss Kanye West’s new look on Alex Jones’ InfoWars. Ski masks: Hot! Anti-semitism and antipsychotic medication: Not!