A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
Punching Down Variety Hour

Punching Down Variety Hour

J.K. Rowling, Rural Whites, Woody Allen!

Our fearless heroines return once again to defend the indefensible.

First, they throw their hat in with the chaotic billionaire of Twitter/X, no not Elon Musk (although him too), but terf-queen J.K. Rowling. Why is Scotland so fascist? Should America invade that country, if for no other reason than to water down those unintelligible accents?

Then they ruminate over class, wondering why everyone is afraid of rural whites. Finally (and probably inevitably) Meghan defends the honor of Woody Allen, who she suspects is the Real Victim. All that said, we all know that the real victim is Justice – and also, you the listener. 


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