A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
PREVIEW: Trans Messiah

PREVIEW: Trans Messiah

More gender, plus racism, plus sexism!

On this live-streamed (and members-only) episode, the girls/women ponder the merits of yet another titillating essay by Pulitzer Prize winner and aspiring female Andrea Long Chu, who argues that transition should be understood and accepted as a matter of choice, of a “freedom of sex”.

Has Chu finally gone too far? Or is this a preview of our glorious genderf*ck future?

Then, Sarah finally reveals her misogynoir, appalling Meghan, who is still reeling from her last encounter with Intersectionality Twitter.

Finally, they discuss yet another essay by Grazie Sophia Christie, a rising star in the personal essay genre (so say we). Is petty female envy the reason women will not take us to Mars?

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