A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
Our Picks for Harvard’s Next President

Our Picks for Harvard’s Next President

How many checked boxes does it take to lead Harvard? How many trad wives do you need to 10x your business?

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Embattled Harvard president Claudine Gay is out. Who has the goods to replace her? And what are those goods, anyway?  Then, why are business influencer bros telling lonely men to “wife up?” Does a traditional wife get you the best possible ROI? Or is the trad trend simply a new genre of porn? Plus, Meghan spots her 18-year-old self on YouTube! 

Relevant Links

Claudine Gay’s Op-Ed for the New York Times.

Kat Rosenfeld’s piece about Trad Wives on TikTok for Reason Magazine.

Meghan’s piece about Mary McCarthy, The Group, and spotting her 18-year-old self on YouTube.

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