A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
Katie Herzog Visits Hell

Katie Herzog Visits Hell

The Blocked and Reporter Is In A Special Place

This week, superstar podcaster Katie Herzog visits A Special Place In Hell to talk about what it’s like to dwell in that sordid sphincter of public discourse known as Twitter. Her podcast, Blocked and Reported, which she co-hosts with Jesse Signal, may live in indentured servitude to some of the the worst the Internet has to offer, but Katie herself knows how to live off the land — or at least touch grass. Here, she talks with Sarah and Meghan about how her wife keeps her grounded, how she fears she’ll be working in a grocery store one day and why Blocked and Reported’s recent east coast tour involved being cancelled at Dartmouth College, though not because of student protests (bummer). Katie also shares here views on gestational surrogacy, which she and Sarah recently tweeted about, and announced that she would not accept such a gig for less than $15 million.

In the very special BONUS CONTENT, Katie laments her thwarted #vanlife aspirations and holds forth on Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover.

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A Special Place in Hell
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