A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
Dance Moms of Davos: Behind Every Child Activist Stands . . A Munchausen By Proxy Mom?

Dance Moms of Davos: Behind Every Child Activist Stands . . A Munchausen By Proxy Mom?

On this episode, the girls/women go in search of the secrets of school-age lassies who do double duty as saint-adjacent as moral sages. Is this the kind of work no grown woman can do? To wit, is it the final frontier of ageism? At age 20, Greta Thunberg look a day over 11. So why is she refusing to share her skincare secrets?

FYI: The girls/women are launching an advice segment–send in your personal/professional/political/spiritual questions to us, and we will kill a pig, examine its intestines, and share our wisdom with you.

Finally, the girls move onto more incel white-knighting (brown-knighting, in Sarah’s case) and wonder why it’s women who stand up for the guys more than most men do. Just another form of unpaid, emotional labor.

And in the BONUS segment for members only, the girls/women discuss a confusing op-ed in the New York Times by a black ballet dancer, and move onto a seriously problematic discussion about body types, ending with Sarah’s (racist?) awakening at a nude spa.

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The Advocate: Gay Nude Resort Must Allow Women, Judge Declares

The Atlantic: Don’t Wait for the Children to Save Us

NYT: American Ballet Theatre Doesn’t See Me As I See Myself

WaPo: Men are lost. Here’s a map out of the wilderness

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