A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
Betsy Ross: Token Hire?

Betsy Ross: Token Hire?

Is Sarah too-light skinned, or not light-skinned enough? What sort of impact will this have on A Special Place’s imminent move to video? Unrelatedly, how does one pronounce the Brothers Karamazov? Or the name of its author, for that matter? Plus, Sarah hears the pronunciation of Solzhenitsyn for the first and it’s like a blind person who can suddenly see.

Speaking of great authors, in this episode, the girls/women discuss Lex Fridman’s reading list (because everyone else already has, and they are committed to leading from behind). After trashing critiquing the Lady Patriot Betsy Ross and Trailblazing Black Scientist George Washington Carver, Sarah discusses her discoveries about male scholarships. (Spoiler: Don’t bother, gentlemen.) They then move on to Meghan’s new Substack post about why she thinks she can afford to talk about gender, while others run for the hills at the mere mention.

In the BONUS CONTENT for paying subscribers only, the girls minimize sexual assault (“It was a different time!!”), and come out of the closet as fans of Cuties, the infamous groomer drama that is really an art film because it’s not only French but directed by a WOC.

Lex’s Reading List

Sarah’s post on scholarships for men:

Hold That Thought by Sarah Haider
Who Gives Men Money?
I’ve been reading Richard Reeves’ new book, Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do About It. I am not yet finished, but the very first chapter led me down a rabbit hole, which then led to some interesting findings, some of which I thought were interesting enough to share with you…
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Meghan’s post on talking about trans stuff:

The Unspeakable with Meghan Daum
Why Do I Talk So Much About Trans Stuff?
If you’ve followed my coverage of the culture wars over the past several years, you may know that my gateway drug and north star wrapped up in one were the conversations between economist Glenn Loury and linguist John McWhorter on The Glenn Show on Bloggingheads.tv. For more than a decade, the two have been having regular video conversations about culture and politics, especially matters of race. In that time, McWhorter has published best-selling books, continues to teach at Columbia University, and now writes a newsletter for the…
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BONUS: #TheeToo : Teen Stars of Romeo and Juliet File Lawsuit