A Special Place In Hell
A Special Place in Hell
Are We Autistic? Penelope Trunk Advises

Are We Autistic? Penelope Trunk Advises

Lessons From a Life and Business Coach

In this episode, Sarah and Meghan welcome business coach, blogger and all-around opinion-ista, Penelope Trunk.

Should women get plastic surgery? Are video games the key to a future as a business tycoon? Can women run businesses anyway??

Penelope is a professional career coach, so she tells Sarah and Meghan what they are doing wrong (spoiler: almost everything) and why they will never make it in this business (or perhaps, any other). She also administers some tests to determine whether they’re autistic.

In the bonus portion for subscribers only, Meghan and Sarah talk about Penelope behind her back. Did they learn a lot? Yes! Should Sarah hire Penelope as a coach? Only if you become a paid subscriber so she afford it!